Egg free

High Protein

High Fibre

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Fry | Scramble | Bake

Eggless Eggs?

We’ve concocted a Vegan egg (available as both a liquid or a patty) made-up entirely of Lupin Beans and other ingredients that fries, bakes and scrambles...

...just like the real thing.

Simply Eggless

When you’re on the go, it’s not always convenient to whip out the skillet. Our Simply Eggless patties offer the same savoury taste as our liquid plant-based egg, except enjoying them is now as simple as popping them into the toaster or warming them on a skillet.

We think we can make the planet better.

We’ll be the first ones to say real eggs are tasty. However,

  • they’re high in cholesterol
  • a major allergen
  • and the chickens laying them aren't always doing so in the best conditions.

So, we decided to create an egg that looks like an egg, cooks like an egg, tastes like an egg

... but isn’t an egg at all.

Egg free

Cruelty free

High Protein

We need a better egg.

By 2050, our beautiful planet will be fuller, clocking in at 10 billion people. Between now and then, we need to discover better ways to feed this many mouths (without destroying Mother Earth in the process).
Caging sweet little chickens, forcing them to lay 320 eggs over a short lifespan of about 72 weeks isn’t the answer.

But, plant-based eggs are.

Graph showing world population of 10 billion people in 2050.

Engineered for the

Ironically, the planet is giving us the ingredients to save it. We’ve tastefully designed our plant-based eggs with Lupin Beans which require...


less pollution


less water


less waste


smaller carbon footprint

An environmentally-friendly,

ethically designed,

tasty alternative

to the egg.

A protein dating back to the Pharaohs

Our vegan eggs are made from Lupin Beans, a beautiful bright yellow bean dating back to the days of the Pharaohs. These beans are:

  • Absolutely Delicious
  • Rich in Protein
  • High in Natural Prebiotic Fibres

Great for your gut.

Simply Eggless isn’t just plant-based, it’s gut friendly.

We’ve infused each and every serving with 3g of prebiotics making it that much better than the real thing.

Anything eggs can do,
we can do better.

You scramble them and omelette them. You can also bake them. Cakes! Muffins! Cookies! Pastas! Anything an egg can do, we can do better. Here’s how we stack up against the real thing.

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High Protein

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Cruelty free

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Sustainably Produced

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Low food safety risk

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Simply Eggless will be your next best-seller.

We could list off a plethora of reasons why Simply Eggless will be your next best-seller. But, we’d really rather show you. If you’re interested in carrying us in your stores, fill out the form at the button below and we’ll have some scrumptious samples out to you in a jiffy.